A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Trading, Spreads, and Options by Jack D. Schwager

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This book, another rendition of Jack Schwager, is said to be the most comprehensive study of fundamental and technical analysis there is in the finance book history. Both the fundamental and technical aspects of analyzing the market are presented in a full-blown manner. Practical trading considerations are orchestrated throughout the study to serve as a guide to traders and investors truly. 

About the Author

Jack Schwager is a distinct futures and hedge funds expert and writer of several financial books. He is one of the founders of Fund Seeder – a platform created to search for trading talent across the globe and connects profitable traders with sources of investment capital. He also served as a director of Futures research in Prudential Securities.

Table of Contents

The book contains the following chapters:

Part I Preliminaries

Chapter 1 For Beginners Only 3

Chapter 2 The Great Fundamental versus Technical Analysis Debate 21

Part II Chart Analysis and Technical Indicators

Chapter 3 Charts: Forecasting Tool or Folklore? 27

Chapter 4 Types of Charts 35

Chapter 5 Linking Contracts for Long-Term Chart Analysis: Nearest versus Continuous Futures 45

Chapter 6 Trends 57

Chapter 7 Trading Ranges 83

Chapter 8 Support and Resistance 91

Chapter 9 Chart Patterns 109

Chapter 10 Is Chart Analysis Still Valid? 149

Chapter 11 Technical Indicators 155

Part III Applying Chart Analysis to Trading

Chapter 12 Midtrend Entry and Pyramiding 177

Chapter 13 Choosing Stop-Loss Points 183

Chapter 14 Setting Objectives and Other Position Exit Criteria 189

Chapter 15 The Most Important Rule in Chart Analysis 205

Part IV Trading Systems and Performance Measurement

Chapter 16 Technical Trading Systems: Structure and Design 235

Chapter 17 Examples of Original Trading Systems 261

Chapter 18 Selecting the Best Futures Price Series for System Testing 279

Chapter 19 Testing and Optimizing Trading Systems 289

Chapter 20 How to Evaluate Past Performance 319

Part V Fundamental Analysis

Chapter 21 Fourteen Popular Fallacies, or What Not to Do Wrong 347

Chapter 22 Supply-Demand Analysis: Basic Economic Theory 359

Chapter 23 Types of Fundamental Analysis 373

Chapter 24 The Role of Expectations 379

Chapter 25 Incorporating Inflation 383

Chapter 26 Seasonal Analysis 389

Chapter 27 Analyzing Market Response 403

Chapter 28 Building a Forecasting Model: A Step-by-Step Approach 413

Chapter 29 Fundamental Analysis and Trading 417

Part VI Futures Spreads and Options

Chapter 30 The Concepts and Mechanics of Spread Trading 439

Chapter 31 Intercommodity Spreads: Determining Contract Ratios 453

Chapter 32 Spread Trading in Stock Index Futures 461

Chapter 33 Spread Trading in Currency Futures 471

Chapter 34 An Introduction to Options on Futures 477

Factors That Determine Option Premiums 480

Chapter 35 Option Trading Strategies 487

Part VII Practical Trading Guidelines

Chapter 36 The Planned Trading Approach 559

Chapter 37 Seventy-Five Trading Rules and Market Observations 567