AAAFx Broker Review

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AAAFx is a global brokerage firm that offers cryptocurrency and foreign exchange trading. It is known to be a competitive broker that provides a variety of trading solutions, including automated trading. This review will cover the broker’s trading conditions, background, and other noteworthy features.

AAAFx Regulation and Security

AAAFx was established in 2008 as an international broker in Greece. It is widely known as a secure and reliable broker that has helped clients across the world earn profits from trading. It is under the regulation of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission in Greece, which entails that this broker is registered to offer services in the EU jurisdiction. Moreover, it has expanded its reach to more than 170 countries, with thousands of clients opening real-money accounts. Its customer team also speaks in at least eleven languages, making it easy for clients to get their concerns resolved immediately. 

Since AAAFx offers services within the EEA, it also means that it is fully compliant with ESMA rules when it comes to queries about account segregation and fund compensation. According to the rules on the Greek Guarantee Fund, all clients, especially those in Europe are eligible for up to 30,000EUR compensation when they lose funds from a particular trade. Of course, this falls under particular guidelines before the client can receive their compensation. Furthermore, the security standards at AAAFx is also strengthened by a regulatory status from the FSA, which gives this broker the right to offer services internationally. It also entails that all clients are protected from a negative balance in their accounts. However, AAAFx limits its services to clients based in China, U.S.A., and several others.

AAAFx Platform Services

AAAFx focuses on two main platforms to offer to its clients. While that may be a limited choice to some traders, this broker ensures that it offers two of the best platforms on the market. 


MT4 is a classic platform for foreign exchange trading, and it has proven that for more than a decade. It is a widely popular platform that many traders use and recommend. It has a great user interface that is both simple and intuitive, which is great for beginners. Moreover, it has hundreds of built-in features and tools, including indicators, graphical objects, and multiple timeframes. Traders can also automate trades and use the social trading feature of the platform. It is an all-around trading platform that offers various strategies for profitable trades. 


This is a web social platform that was specifically developed for automated trading. It is a convenient and hassle-free option since traders no longer need to install the software nor download it in their phones. With the help of an internet connection, traders from nearly 200 countries can trade the markets. Moreover, it offers an excellent security measure called the Zulu Guard, which limits the losses of traders who replicate their peer’s trades. Specifically, it is applicable to those following traders that suddenly change their strategies. Also, this platform offers the Zulu Scripts, which gives clients the opportunity to write their own code and execute transactions. 

AAAFx Trading Conditions

AAAFx uses trading conditions that are similar to most brokers in the industry. It abides by EU rules on the limits of leverage, and follows industry-standard levels for spreads and other factors. Below are the specifications:

Spreads & Commissions

AAAFx is known to introduce its commissions into the trade itself through spreads. For an instance, major currency pairs use spreads in the 0.3-0.7 range, which is slightly cheaper than brokers who insert commissions in the spreads. However, this fee structure is not true for all trading accounts offered by this broker. Some accounts still charge commissions, but most of them do not exceed $3. The profit sharing accounts charge from $0.30 to $2.50, while classic accounts commonly charge from $0.80 to $10 per trade. This also varies on the asset being traded. 


It is well known in the industry that leverage levels could vary with each location. This is specifically true to Europe, where all brokers abide by ESMA regulations. This means that all traders in the European jurisdiction can only use a leverage of up to 1:30 for all assets. Still, commodities may use a lower leverage level since this is what the rules dictate. 

Moreover, clients outside the EU can use up to 1:500 leverage, but the standard commonly falls between the 1:100 to 1:200 levels. Still, this is an advantage that many traders can use, and that includes maximizing profits. However, leverage must be used with caution since higher potential profits makes higher potential losses true. 

AAAFx Conclusion

AAAFx is a good and competitive broker that offers many trading solutions to clients worldwide. It is known for its great services and security. It is also regulated by two trusted bodies, which means that is safe to trade with.