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Ayondo Forex Broker

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Ayondo is an online broker offering trading services in foreign exchange, CFDs, and binary options. It has received mixed reviews from clients and reviewers alike. Its website also does not offer substantial information about this broker, nor of its services. 

Ayondo Forex Broker, ForexTrend

Ayondo Regulation and Security

Ayondo was founded in 2009 by Robert Lempka and Thomas Winkler. It was initially based in Germany, but over the years this broker garnered more clients and it amplified its reach. As part of its expansion plan, it launched offices all over the world, including one in London. Soon its UK office became the broker’s headquarters. 

Ayondo is the trading brand of Ayondo Markets Ltd, an online financial services provider that has an annual revenue of up to 10 million EUR, according to reports. Ayondo is registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom under the license number 184333. It is unclear whether Ayondo is regulated by more authorities, but reviews about it only mention the FCA. 

As part of the security standards set by this broker, it ensures that all client funds are stored in segregated accounts and only kept in top banking institutions in the United Kingdom. It partners with top-tier banks in ensuring that their clients’ money is well and safe from theft and other forms of financial risks. 

Ayondo Forex Broker, ForexTrend

Ayondo Review of Services

Ayondo has several services to boast, including a streamlined live platform that is both functional and convenient. It also has competitive trading conditions, especially in the areas of trading fees, spreads, leverage, and commissions. 

TradeHub Live Platform

As stated above, Ayondo Markets’ own platform offers a streamlined user experience with a high level of sophistication. It is easy to pick up and maneuver, making it ideal for beginners. It has a customization feature that allows each trader to personalize the platform according to his or her preferences. It can also be used to increase execution speed.  Traders can easily access OCO orders and check margins, cash balances, and instruments. Stop losses are also automatic in every position you open. 

TradeHub Mobile

Of course, Ayondo offers a mobile version of their TradeHub live platform for easy access. This version is available in both Android and iOS, and clients have praised the mobile platforms for their unique services and advantages. Traders get access to variable portfolio margining and they can set trailing stops with loss protection. Other perks that come with the mobile platform are usage tips, sophisticated charts, a thorough manual and help section, and a flexible search function. 

Ayondo Live Account

Opening a live account on Ayondo is fairly easy and very secure. It is straightforward with its services and instruments to offer. With this account, you can trade CFDs, spread betting, or even participate in social trading. You can also generate revenue from your followers on the social trading platform that replicate your trades. 

Ayondo also implements a career progression where traders are categorized according to their level of skills. You will begin as a Street Trader until you make your way up to Institutional. Better performances will bestow you bigger commissions with each level you pass on. When you have over 500 USD/EUR/GBP you will be awarded with a Money Trader’s Badge. 

Trading Conditions

The conditions of trading with any broker are just as important as the security and services it offers. These conditions are the trading fees, spreads, leverage, commissions, and deposit. Below are what Ayondo has to offer:

  • Trading Fees: Ayondo requires an overnight rollover fee of 3%; extra fees for long positions; and a follower fee depending on what your Top Trader has chosen for his remuneration model, which may include a 25% performance fee and a 1% management fee. 
  • Deposit: The minimum deposit amount for Ayondo’s live account is 1EUR or equivalent. This is significantly cheaper than what most brokers offer for their basic accounts, and is very similar to American brokers’ offering of a cent account. With only 1EUR, you can open an account with Ayondo and see the features and services that come with the trading Still, you need at least 100EUR to use copy trading and replicate the trading careers of Ayondo’s Top Traders.
  • Spreads: Ayondo uses a market maker business model, which means that they earn through the spreads, or the difference between the bid and ask. This broker’s competitive spreads start from 0.8 pips for the EUR/USD currency pair. On average, the spreads offered in the industry is 0.82 pips.
  • Leverage: The leverage for Ayondo’s live trading account is 1:200, allowing you to maximize your borrowed money to capitalize on market opportunities. You can also do margin trading with Ayondo. Simply, be fully cautious of the risks associated with margin trading and high leverages. 
  • Commissions: Ayondo does not charge any commissions for any trade. 

Ayondo Conclusion

Ayondo is a global broker offering competitive services and features to its growing client base. It has limited services when it comes to platforms and accounts, but it ensures that it provides good trading conditions and real market opportunities. It is only regulated by the FCA, but its reputation remains intact in its years of service. Despite some shortcomings in some areas of services, Ayondo’s security and overall services are preferable for trading.