Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas Bulkowski

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Trading has been made more convenient and opportunistic through the utilization of various tools and instruments that signal key market conditions. But hundreds of tools are available in the market for traders to maximize. To help you learn each of them and familiarize yourself with each tool and how it works, Thomas Bulkowski has made it easy for you. The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns tour you to different trading tools you need to know to capitalize on bull and bear market conditions. 

This edition features the classic content of the first version plus the updated new indicators and patterns. A more comprehensive version, this book is an essential tool for traders to use as a reference to the long list of trading charts and tools instantly.

About the Author

Thomas Bulkowski has been in the trading industry in the last three decades. His success in trading roots from his enthusiasm in chart patterns and indicator tools in trading. He has written several books on the industry, including Trading Classic Chart Patterns.

Table of Contents

The book has two parts and discusses the following patterns:

Part One Chart Patterns

1 Broadening Bottoms

2 Broadening Formations, Right-Angled Ascending

3 Broadening Formations, Right-Angled Descending

4 Broadening Tops

5 Broadening Wedges, Ascending

6 Broadening Wedges, Descending

7 Bump-and-Run Reversal Bottoms

8 Bump-and-Run Reversal Tops

9 Cup with Handle

10 Cup with Handle, Inverted

11 Diamond Bottoms

12 Diamond Tops

13 Double Bottoms, Adam & Adam

14 Double Bottoms, Adam & Eve

15 Double Bottoms, Eve & Adam

16 Double Bottoms, Eve & Eve

17 Double Tops, Adam & Adam

18 Double Tops, Adam & eve

19 Double Tops, Eve & Adam

20 Double Tops, Eve & Eve

21 Flags

22 Flags, High and Tight

23 Gaps

24 Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms

25 Head-and-Shoulders, Complex

26 Head-and-Shoulders Tops

27 Head-and-Shoulders Tops, Complex

28 Horn Bottoms

29 Horn Tops

30 Island Reversals

31 Islands, Long

32 Measured Move Down

33 Measured Move Up

34 Pennants

35 Pipe Bottoms

36 Pipe Tops

37 Rectangle Bottoms

38 Rectangle Tops

39 Rounding Bottoms

40 Rounding Tops

41 Scallops, Ascending

42 Scallops, Ascending and Inverted

43 Scallops, Descending

44 Scallops, Descending and Inverted

45 Three Falling Peaks

46 Three Rising Valleys

47 Triangles, Ascending

48 Triangles, Descending

49 Triangles, Symmetrical

50 Triple Bottoms

51 Triple Tops

52 Wedges, Falling

53 Wedges, Rising

Part Two Event Patterns 

54 Dead-Cat Bounce

55 Dead-Cat Bounce, Inverted

56 Earnings Surprise, Bad

57 Earnings, Good

58 FDA Drug Approvals

59 Flag, Earnings

60 Same-Store Sales, Bad

61 Same-Store Sales, Good

62 Stock Downgrades

63 Stock Upgrades