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Investment Real Estate: Finance and Asset Management by Fred Prassas

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This book highlights the pivotal role of the estate manager as the one who needs to check on the real estate company’s clients and their realization of investment goals for any asset or property. In this sense, this book is a cut above the rest of real estate books out in the market. 

Investment Real Estate: Finance and Asset Management also presents all the necessary concepts that real estate managers need to arm themselves with to face investors with confidence, wisdom, and sound judgment. Reading this material will make real estate professionals well-versed in finance and property management and acquisition, making them responsible and reliable partners in real estate investing.

Become a topnotch property manager and master the art of managing real estate by arming yourself with the knowledge this book offers.

About the Author

Fred Prassas is the co-founder of the PMC Management Group in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and teaches Property Management at the University of Wisconsin and Institute of Real Management as professor of Finance and Asset Management. He has 30 years of real estate experience under his belt.

Table of Contents

The book contains the following topics:

Chapter 1 Why Real Estate Finance?

Chapter 2 Economics of Real Estate Investment

Chapter 3 The Finance Function

Chapter 4 Accounting Basics

Chapter 5 Understanding and Implementing Budgets

Chapter 6 Cash Flow Analysis

Chapter 7 Financial Reporting

Chapter 8 Financing Basics

Chapter 9 Loan Analysis

Chapter 10 Time Value of Money

Chapter 11 Measuring the Performance of Properties

Chapter 12 Property Valuation

Chapter 13 Discounted Cash Flow

Chapter 14 Financial Analysis and Making Recommendations

Chapter 15 Lease Analysis

Chapter 16 After-Tax Cash Flow