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Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together by Rachel Richards

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Money Honey is a practical self-help book written by Rachel Richards to reach out to adults who are having difficulties in money management and showing them the way to financial freedom. Practical insights about managing finances inculcated in this book are too striking to be ignored. Primarily, readers are taught to doubling income and limiting expenses, consolidating loans and lowering interest rates, opening a brokerage account to try trading and its profit wonders, and a whole lot more!

Ultimately, this book presents a 7-step guide to fix financial leaks and mismanagement. Grab a copy of this book and be ready to be transformed with a new mindset in handling your finances.

About the Author

Rachel Richards wrote Money Honey as she has a rich experience in money issues being a business manager, investor, and financial advisor. This book shaped a young adult’s perspective on money handling and finance management. At 18, Rachel Richards began investing in the stock markets. She studied Financial Economics at Centre College. As a financial advisor, Rachel helped her clients by encouraging them to invest in the stock market, pay their debt, and increase their wealth. She also has experience in the real estate industry.

At 27, Rachel quit her job as a financial advisor and started writing books. Today, she earns $10,000 and higher as a passive income. In 2019, she released her bestseller, “Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement.”

Table of Contents

Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together presents six sections to achieving financial literacy. The contents are as follows:

Section One: Introduction

1 Hello, It’s Me

Section Two: Savings

2 Badass Budgeting

3 Savings: Anotha Day Anotha Dolla

Section Three: Debt

4 There is No Good Debt. Only Tolerable Debt.

5 Credit Score: a GPA For Your Finances

6 Student Debt – Fannie Mae, Mae, Go Away

7 Credit Cards – Friend or Foe?

8 Debt – A Smorgasbord

Section Four: Investing

9 Say Hello to Stocks and Bonds

10 Mutual Funds, Index Funds, & Which One is Your New Best Friend

11 Four Golden Rules for Investing

12 The Art of Investing

13 How to Make Your First Trade Like a Boss

14 Retirement – A New Definition

 Section Five: Taxes & Insurance

15 Taxes Don’t Have to be Taxing

16 Don’t Be Stupid; Be Insured

Section Six: Strategy

17 The Money Honey Plan: 7 Simple Steps

18 The Money Honey Plan in Action

19 Get Started Now – What to Expect

20 Dear Rachel Advice Column