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Organic search for Renesource Capital reviews, render a relatively positive results. Much of online opinion subscribe to four primary points:

  1. Being a regulated brokerage
  2. Offering of different platforms
  3. Access to different markets
  4. Its $10 minimum deposit 

All these facets are enticing to a common trader. Basing an assessment off of these may be sound, but a whole evaluation of the firm’s capabilities is more desirable. In addition, these positive reviews come with equally negative ones that may also be enough to turn traders off:

  1. Clients from the U.S. are not allowed to trade with the firm
  2. Only bank wire is allowed as a mode of payment
  3. Cyptocurrencies are not traded
  4. Educational resources are scarce
  5. The account opening process proves too tedious

These among other points are also taken into consideration within this review. This literature is a result of months spent with the broker. The team had availed of the offers and services that Renesource Capital provides its clients. Through the exhaustive utility of these, team renders a pointed and informed assessment of Renesource Capital’s capabilities as a brokerage. This review will delve into the discussion of the following facets:

  1. Regulatory Body
  2. Trading instruments 
  3. Available trading accounts
  4. Offered trading platforms
  5. Standout Trading Tools

About Renesource Capital

One of the things traders consider pertinent in deciding on which brokerage to employ is the disclosure of which regulatory body it operates under. In the case of Renesource Capital, the firm is sanctioned by the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC).

Renesource Capital is licensed in Latvia wherein it professionally participates in the Securities Market as a conductor of investment brokerage activities. Its Latvia license ensures clients of a 90% compensation of value lost through non-executed investment service. This is so as Latvia observes a stringent Investor Protection Law. However, it must be noted that the investor would only get this as long as it does not exceed €20,000.

Given that Latvia is a member of the European Union, Renesource Capital falls under the jurisdiction of the European Securities and Markets Authority or simply, ESMA. It is also obedient to the significant EU regulations that it implements on the financial markets. 

In the country, it is considered the oldest and largest multi-service brokerage being established back in 1998. 

Offers and Services

Trading Instruments

Renesource Capital makes a number of asset categories available. It offers access to Spot and Forward Forex Trading, CFD trading, Futures, and Options. The firm furthers its assistance on trading these instruments through broker-assisted trading, education on asset management, hedging and risk management, and custody settlements.

These fields, while not exclusive to Renesource Capital, are things that the firm deeply herds clients into. Its educational materials available through the site make it possible for clients to build strong multi-asset investment portfolios. 

Available Trading Accounts

The trading accounts available through Renesource Capital are divided through the trading platforms that it offers. The specifics are discussed below:

For MT4, there 3 available accounts:

  1. FX Micro

Requires only $10 and a maximum equity of $2,000. The floating Spreads start from 0 pips, the leverage is pegged at 1:100, and zero commissions.

  1. FX Classic

This account requires a minimum deposit of $500. The leverage, spread, and commissions are the same as the previous account

  1. FX Pro

The minimum deposit for this account is a $1,000, the leverage and the floating spreads are the same with the previous accounts. The commission however is at $2.50 per lot. 

For Integral and Currenex the only account available is the FX Prime. It can be opened for $50,000, the spreads starts at 0 pips, leverage is at 1:40, and $25.00 for 1 million USD.

Offered Trading Instruments

Among the many brokerage firms that the review team had undertaken, Renesource Capital is the only one to employ multiple trading platforms. The firm employs 7 trading platforms namely, Currenex, Integral, Quik, J-Trader, QCG, and industry favourite, MetaTrader 4.

Among these platforms, the most noteworthy are MetaTrader 4, J-Trader, and QCG.

MetaTrader 4

Widely-used by a majority of brokerage firms, MetaTrader 4 or MT4 has a neat interface that is highly-intuitive and can therefore be navigated through easily. Its charts are customizable and have a number of trading tools available with provisions for third-party add-ons. Its mobile application which Renesource Capital also makes available reflects all the features found on the desktop version effectively. 


The J-Trader platform specializes on Futures and Options trading. The interface makes it easy for users to manipulate its many purposeful functions. The platform provides one-click orders and the possibility of trading through several accounts. 


This lesser-known platform is provided to perform trades for Futures Options on currencies, indexes, bonds, commodities, metals, and interestingly enough, agricultural products.

Standout Trading Tools

Renesource Capital furthers its competency through the offering of three standout features:

  1. Equities DMA

This trading tool allows for the speedy access to all main global stock markets, namely the NYSE, Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, and Hong Kong Stock Exchange among others. 

  1. FIX API

This tool makes it easy for clients to connect directly to the liquidity pool. It reduces the latency period and costs. Through this, trading strategies like high-frequency trading is availed to clients 

  1. Voice Brokerage 

This trading tool is part of the services suite. Traders who are not able to conclude transactions through a trading platform could make use of this feature for free.

The Takeaway

With the points discussed, it is easy to see that Renesource Capital is a viable brokerage firm to do trades with. Apart from the enticing features and services that clients are able to avail, its industry tenure is enough to make the traders consider its services.