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Spectre.ai is an online financial trading platform offering high frequency trading with minimal risk. It uses crowd-sourced, cutting edge technology that directly matches traders against fellow traders or liquidity pools. On top of that, liquidity and fraudless transactions are guaranteed on this platform for 24/5. 

Spectre.ai Regulation and Security

The trading conditions offered on Spectre AI are offered and managed by Spectre Trading Limited, a company located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This broker uses specific crowdsourced technology that allows traders to trade directly against liquidity pools offered by Spectre or even directly against other traders. In the Spectre.ai trading system, the broker is eliminated. This means that only a handful of audited, reliable smart contracts on a global blockchain are part of the trading processes, as well as those that control all trade transactions, results, and payments. Spectre.ai promises a 100% safe, reliable, and transparent trading.

Spectre.ai implements a handful of security measures just as much as it continually improves on its offered services. One of these measures is a top-grade verification process on the platform. In a conventional trade situation, a settlement occurs behind the scene but oftentimes, it doesn’t even happen. At Spectre.ai, every trade transaction executed on the platform is mined and settled on a public blockchain or collated every 24 hours and forwarded to a public digital ledger for verification. A network of processing nodes around the globe validate the trade entries and exits with the use of third party independent verification of entry and exit prices, along with debits and credits to trading accounts. Spectre.ai  is the world’s first trading site to deliver a global audit trail.

Spectre.ai Platform Services

Spectre.ai offers a number of platform services that complement its overall offerings. This online blockchain trading platform site is very accessible and reliable to the public, and offers a vast range of features and tools to create profitable trades.

Proprietary Trading Platform

Spectre.ai’s proprietary trading platform can be accessed via the web, has a quick login process, and offers essential features like over 30 technical indicators and charts that can be set at different time ranges, from seconds to days. Spectre’s platform may not deliver the sophisticated technology you’d find on MT4, but the company is currently working on integrating MetaTrader4 to the platform by as early as 2020. 

Spreads & Fees

Spectre.ai offers tight spreads for several assets. Other than that, it also offers spread-free entries. The average spreads for major currency pairs are 0.58 pips for EUR/USD and 0.9 pips for GBP/USD. With the help of tighter spreads, traders can benefit from higher winning rates since it makes it easier to achieve profitability. In order to compensate for this, binary options payouts are smaller than those of other suppliers.


Spectre.ai offers virtually no leverage for most of its offered instruments, except for forex, which can be traded with up to 40x leverage. For investors with minimal capital, this can restrict the amount and volume of positions they take, but  decreased leverage also tends to minimize future losses.

Trading Instruments

Spectre.ai offers more than 80 digital tradable products on its proprietary platform, letting users to bet on market fluctuations without acquiring the underlying asset. These assets are mainly divided between digital binary options and the Epochal Price Index Composite (EPIC) contract class, which is an offering unique to Spectre.ai. Furthermore,  Spectre is also going to expand into CFDs, indices, and stocks in the coming future. 

Trading Accounts

Spectre.ai does not offer a wide variety of trading accounts with multiple benefits that are dependent on the size of the investor’s initial deposit. This broker does not require traders to open an account with a minimum deposit using the standard e-wallet system. Furthermore, it is up to the trader to identify how much they are willing to invest. The trading accounts are only divided into two:

  • Wallet Account: The wallet account is a standard account type that allows the trader to directly trade from their cryptocurrency wallet. This removes the middleman in the process, allowing transactions to run smoothly and more faster with lesser to no fees. 
  • Regular Account: Spectre’s second account type essentially functions as a privately escrowed Ether wallet. All transactions are still verified through the public blockchain, while profits are directly sent to the traders’ Ether wallets, which can be transferred to the trader’s privately held electronic wallet for withdrawal processes. The security measures that come with this account are very beneficial, which are understandable even if the account requires a $10 minimum deposit. 

Spectre.ai Conclusion

Spectre.ai is a competitive platform that offers something new–a unique EPIC contract-class in addition to conventionally traded assets. It does not require minimum deposits to open an account and gain access to its services, and it uses a transparent blockchain-based trading system. Spectre is a recommendable choice through and through, especially for traders seeking simple, secure, and competitive trading.