The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness  by DAVE RAMSEY, ForexTrend

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by DAVE RAMSEY

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Total money management made easy through this financial guidebook, The Total Money Makeover, authored by America’s leading financial coach. Sure that one likes to transform expenses into a well-allocated budget as much as one desires to turn a lanky bank account into a fit financial machine. Worry not, as this is achievable through this financial book.

You probably have utilized and employed all steps to get instant money and wealth, tips that may bring you temporary resolve but are not proven to last. Sure that you’re also tired of having to pick another book and employ the same lame techniques that it promised only to be disappointed with so little money left in your account. But if you arrived frustrated, have a flip through this book as this offers a revolutionary, comprehensive, and easy to execute financial fitness scheme enough to make money making a rewarding endeavor. 

Through research-based insights and action-driven information discussed from cover to cover, one will be able to 

  • Create a flexible financial framework for payment with little to no margin for failure
  • Identify 10 dangerous habits in financial management
  • Build a secured future meant for emergencies and retirement

Aside from the features mentioned above, The Total Money Makeover is equipped with a section called “Dave Rants” that logically discusses marriage, college debt, and others in a humorous and entertaining manner. 

About the Author

Dave Ramsey’s expertise in finance and business is well sought across America. He managed to publish five books titled Smart Money Smart Kids, Financial Peace, EntreLeadership, More Than Enough, and The Total Money Makeover- all of which were honored as New York Times best-selling. He has his talk show called “The Dave Ramsey Show,” which provides financial advice and insights for over eight and half million subscribers across an estimated 500 radio frequencies.

Table of Contents 


What This Book Is Not

Flying Turkeys and Skinny-Dipping 

  1. The Total Money Makeover Challenge
  2. Denial
  3. Debt Myths
  4. Money Myths 
  5. Two More Hurdles
  6. Save $1,000 Fast
  7. The Debt Snowball
  8. Finish the Emergency Fund
  9. Maximize Retirement Investing
  10. College Funding Pay Off the Home Mortgage 
  11. Build Wealth Like Crazy
  12. Live Like No One Else

Meet the Winners of The Total Money Makeover Challenge 

About the Author

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