Wealth by Virtue: Rise Above the Maze of Retirement Planning and Personal Finances by Chad Gordon

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While opinions may vary in different cases, most people share a central fear – that one day, an unforeseen event would cost them dearly and put them in a financial bind, and they would not have the money to pull through. In Chad Gordon’s “Wealth by Virtue: Rise Above the Maze of Retirement Planning and Personal Finances,” he gives the reader direction, whether they are experiencing a strain money-wise currently or just want to be ready ahead of time. 

Standing out of the pile of books that only feature ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes “Wealth by Virtue” paints its readers with a better picture of the monetary system and how to build and maintain your money. An inspirational piece that is sure to absorb the reader with information in the six specific areas of personal finance from real estate to investments to even just planning of tax and its legalities. This award-winning book is filled to the brim with valuable practical knowledge and is sure to leave the reader empowered and make the money work for them instead of the other way around.  

About the Author

Chad Gordon is the founder and CEO of GreenStar Advisors and a registered investment advisor. He advises individuals, couples, and families toward wealth-optimized decisions using holistic financial planning, disciplined investment strategies, and proactive personal service. He has a passion that clients operate by a long-term conceptual framework that guides them through all financial decisions. Chad and his wife Makendra reside in Colorado along with their children, dog, cats, horse, goats, chickens, fish, and bees.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Blueprint
    • Banking
    • The Time Value of Money
    • Investments
    • Optimism
    • Real Estate
    • Minimalism
    • Insurance
    • Finding Purpose in Life
    • Legal Planning
    • Philanthropy and Altruism
    • Tax Planning
  • Benediction
  • Thank You