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101investing is primarily a CFD broker providing access to a wide variety of assets. The complex nature of CFDs has not stopped this broker from offering great solutions and opportunities in everyday trading.

Checks on Security 101investing’s Regulatory Status

101investing is the brand name of the trading ar5m for FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd. It is headquartered in Cyprus. This brokerage is undergoes regulation by the CySEC. As stated in most broker reviews about 101investing, this regulatory body is the only one to oversee its operations. Still, 101investing ensures the safety and security of its clients through various measures. This broker separates client funds in individual accounts to ensure that each one is protected from theft and financial misuse. Furthermore, 101investing reiterates that it only partners with trusted global banking institutions in ensuring the safety of their clients’ hard-earned money.

Another security measure guaranteed by this broker is its membership at the Investor Compensation Fund. A membership with the IFC means that clients will be paid for the losses incurred from the market. The IFC compensates clients as well should they fail answer their responsibilities. 101investing ensures these and more before clients sign up for their services, making customers feel secured when trading with it.

101investing Platform Services

101investing provides two platforms to choose from: web-based and desktop. However, 101investing only offers the MetaTrader4 platform to all its clients. This means that if you are looking for a broker with diverse choices for platforms, 101investing might not be for you.

MetaTrader4 Platform

MT4 is a classic in foreign exchange trading and has been widely preferred by traders globally since it was released more than ten years ago. MT4 is known to have an intuitive software, a comprehensive set of technical indicators, drawing tools, and charting that enables traders, regardless of type and level to make and execute profitable trades. This platform employs the right level of sophistication and usability. It is both highly functional and easy to navigate at the same time. MT4 is commonly the go-to platform of all traders, especially when trading currencies.

MT4 WebTrader

The web version of the famed MetaTrader4 offers the same high-level functionality as its desktop counterpart. It also provides traders with the same opportunities and still comes as a feature-rich platform that aids traders in making profitable trades. It is equipped with hundreds of trading implements and indicators, a customization feature, automated trading, and even the ability to execute strategies of any complexity. It is a quick and seamless platform that gives traders exquisite trading experience. Because of its extensive features and services, the MT4 platform can cater to a variety of trading styles, making it also highly preferable by users.

101investing Trading Conditions

Like most brokers, 101investing provides decent trading conditions that allow users to maximize their opportunities, control their risk/reward profile, and explore for themselves. Below are the highlights of 101investing’s trading conditions:


101investing supports up to five financial markets, meaning that traders are free to maximize their portfolios and gains. This also means that there are numerous assets on 101investing, guaranteeing that traders of any style and skill are welcome to it.

Currencies: For fx pairs, 101investing supports up to 45, ranging from majors, to minors, and to exotics. Moreover, trading currency CFDs is also available on 101investing.

Stocks: This broker offers nearly 80 global stock CFDs to trade, which would include, as most users expect, the most widely-traded CFDs on the market.

Cryptocurrencies: The crypto market is one of the up-and-coming in the industry since it has gained a lot of traction in recent years. Thanks to the rise of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are becoming more known and more widely-traded globally. 101investing supports over 20 digital coins, including the more famous ones.

Indices: The biggest stocks in the world are available through this market. 101investing provides investors the opportunity to avail global indices.

Commodities: This broker provides 15 commodities, ranging from precious metals to energies, in CFDs. This means that investors can trade spot gold and U.S. oil via 101investing.

Spreads & Leverage

The spread and leverage levels from 101investing are adherent to industry standards. The average spreads for currency pairs begin from 0.7 to1.3 pips for majors and minors. Spread levels for exotics can be seen on the broker’s website. Despite not offering spreads which are ultra-low, 101investing the levels are still seen as competitive with reference to leading competitors.

Leverage levels for different asset classes also rely on the live account chosen by the trader. It also matters whether the trader is retail or institutional since retail or individual traders must be protected by massive market risks. The leverage for retail traders usually goes from 1:2 to 1:30, while institutional traders can request for up to 1:500.

101investing Conclusion

101investing is a competitive broker that offers great market opportunities for a wide range of retail and institutional traders. Everyone is given the chance to maximize their experience and skills, and are highly encouraged to diversify their portfolios. 101investing also guarantees the safety of its clients through numerous security measures that involve trusted global institutions. Overall, 101investing is highly recommended for trading.