Capital Markets and investments: Essential Insights and Concepts for Professionals

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Capital Markets and Investments supersedes other financial concepts guidebooks through in-depth presentation and discussion of the overall market mechanics. This book does not ask for pre-requisite knowledge, and it appeals to wide strata, including students, journalists, and financial professThrough this guide, readers will be introduced to the fundamentals of financial institutions and necessary instruments, all while posing new concepts and developments like financial technology and regulation. Putting this book against other books of the same concept, the lessons presented in this book go beyond theoretical discussions. With a great focus on institutional information, guaranteed knowledge will be acquired that superfluous conceptual issues cannot render. Moreover, this book introduces instruments and materials necessary in investments such as Bloomberg. With Annexures on macro economics, accountancy, and statistics, readers will be provided with an ultimate guidebook flexible enough to combine traditional learning and reference without asking for finance experience. 

Generally, this book aims to impart financial education for people who want to put knowledge into the application immediately. Its holistic education was made possible through:

  • Presentation of necessary practices and principles of capital markets
  • The flexibility of lessons enough to appeal to different learning styles
  • Thorough explanation of different financial institution structure and their importance to capital allocation
  • Comprehensive lessons suitable for people without prior knowledge about the industry
  • Crucial information that highlights financial statements, macroeconomics, and statistics, and Bloomberg model 


Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh Dastidar presently works as the Associate Professor at Columbia University. He provides education for students specializing in capital markets and investments. Prior to his recent employment, he previously taught at the Graduate School of Business and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. 

Going to his academic background, he acquired several degrees, including a Ph.D. in Finance & economics given by Columbia Business School in New York, and an MBA from Institute of Management Ahmedabad. 


  • The Financial System- Introduction
  • Major Asset Classes and Markets
  • The Anatomy of the Sell Side
  • Overview of Buy Side Firms
  • Indices, Benchmarking, Risk Models and Performance Evaluation 
  • Other Fixed Income Markets
  • Equities- Valuation
  • Portfolio Theory, Asset Allocation and Factor Models
  • Introduction to Options 
  • Options Valuation


  • Return- Concepts and Calculations 
  • Introduction to Financial Statements- Concept of Capital Structure
  • Macroeconomics Primer
  • Basic Statistics and Data analysis
  • Introduction to the Bloomberg Software/ Terminal