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Mergers and Acquisitions for Dummies

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Mergers and Acquisitions for Dummies is a helpful guide in developing a skill necessary for the mergers and acquisitions industry. Through various discussions about the underlying principles and practices, professionals, business owners, and students are given an effective guide on how to appropriately formulate and land a favorable deal and secure an M&A negotiation. Its straightforward narrative that exposes the truth about the complexities of M&A, all while presenting it in a reader-friendly manner, makes this book an ideal guide. 

Its primary function is to provide a guide or framework for an individual who wants to purchase or sell a firm. This framework was equipped with a step-by-step process of M&A negotiation, industry terminologies and acronyms, enumeration of necessary documents, and thorough discussions of valuation strategies. This too, presents insights concerning financial deals, guides on how to create and formulate transaction flowcharts, and connects valuation from buyer to seller. 

Mergers and Acquisition for Dummies are enforced with professional insights and suggestions that one can use as tools to ace the complicated M&A industry. Far from how other Mergers and Acquisition books were written, it combines theories and practices of the field in order to fulfill learning that will guarantee knowledge imperative for M&A success.


Bill Snow engages in a different activity, including book publishing, forum discussions, and M&A investment banking. His fields of interest range from business, M&A, and up to creative pursuits. He began his directorship for Jordan Knauff & Company back in 2013, and prior to his position, he initially served for investment banks located in Chicago. 



Part 1- Mergers and Acquisitions 101

  • Chapter 1- The Building Blocks of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Chapter 2- Getting Ready to Buy or Sell a Company
  • Chapter 3- Previewing the Generally Accepted M&A Process

Part 2- Taking the First Steps to Buy or Sell a Company 

  • Chapter 4- Financing M&A Deals
  • Chapter 5- With a Little Help from Your Friends: Working with M&A Advisors
  • Chapter 6- Finding and Contacting Buyers or Sellers 

Part 3- Starting the Deal on the Right Foot

  • Chapter 7- Assuring Confidentiality
  • Chapter 8- Creating and Reviewing an Offering Document 
  • Chapter 9- Properly Expressing Interest in Doing a Deal
  • Chapter 10- Ensuring Successful First Meetings between Buyer and Seller

Part 4- Firming Up the Deal

  • Chapter 11- An Insider’s Guide to M&A Negotiating
  • Chapter 12- Crunching the Numbers: Establishing Valuation and Selling Price
  • Chapter 13- LOI and Behold: Making or Receiving an Offer
  • Chapter 14- Confirming Everything! Doing Due Diligence
  • Chapter 15- Documenting the Final Deal: The Purchase Agreement 

Part 5- Closing the Deal… and Beyond!

  • Chapter 16- Knowing What to Expect on Closing Day
  • Chapter 17- Handling Post-Closing Announcements and Adjustments
  • Chapter 18- Come Together: integrating Buyer and Seller 

Part 6- The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 19- Ten Considerations Prior to Signing an LOI
  • Chapter 20- Ten Major M&A Errors and How to Avoid Them
  • Chapter 21- Ten Possible Ways to Solve Valuation Differences