Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings BY PHILIP A. FISHER (Author), KENNETH L. FISHER (Introduction), ForexTrend

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings BY PHILIP A. FISHER (Author), KENNETH L. FISHER (Introduction)

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About the book

Warren Buffet calls Philip Fisher among the most influential traders of all time, especially since the publication of his classic book. His philosophies and principles in investing introduced to the market more than forty years ago still prove to be as beneficial today.

In this second edition, Philip’s son, Kenneth Fisher, continues his father’s footsteps and incorporates the current market situation into his father’s writing. Retaining the original’s content and wisdom, Kenneth puts in his perspective of his father’s writings and what it means to the current market conditions. 


A novice or an expert investor will benefit from reading Fisher’s book on stocks. The book elaborates on the key concepts and important factors to trading stocks and investment analysis. Even a professional trader will find a nugget or two from Fisher’s book, even on things he might not have considered significant to stock trading. 

An insight that can be derived from this book, as an example, is the differentiation of stock trading with stock investing, as told by the author, Philip Fisher. He shows readers an analysis of the perfect trading time to buy and sell stocks and how they generally move in the market. These are only some of the most useful advice shared by the author to his readers. Overall, the book is worth the money, even only for the author’s credentials and experience, and trading philosophies. What makes it even better is how the author’s son incorporated his father’s writings into current market conditions.

About the Author

PHILIP A. FISHER is the founder of Fisher & Company, which is an investment counseling business. It was established in 1931, three years after Fisher began his securities analyst career in 1928. He is renowned in the finance industry and deemed as among the pioneers of modern investment theory. 

Table of Contents

Preface What I Learned from My Father’s Writings




  1. Clues from the Past
  2. What “Scuttlebutt” Can Do
  3. What to Buy: The Fifteen Points to Look for in a Common Stock
  4. What to Buy: Applying This to Your Own Needs
  5. When to Buy
  6. When to Sell: And When Not To
  7. The Hullabaloo about Dividends
  8. Five Don’ts for Investors
  9. How I Go about Finding a Growth Stock
  10. Summary and Conclusion




  1. The First Dimension of a Conservative Investment
  2. The Second Dimension
  3. The Third Dimension
  4. The Fourth Dimension
  5. More about the Fourth Dimension
  6. Still More about the Fourth Dimension


Dedication to Frank E. Block

  1. Origins of a Philosophy
  2. Learning from Experience
  3. The Philosophy Matures
  4. Is the Market Efficient?

Appendix Key Factors in Evaluating Promising Firms