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The Daily trading Coach: 101 Lessons For Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist

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As trading involves financial activity, a trader automatically becomes an entrepreneur. And conforming to the commonly practiced norm within the industry, a starting business feeds on the strengths of its founding fathers. A starting career means that it is still dependent on the assets, personal, and financial capability of the one who established it: the trader. As this kind of setup oftentimes leads to failure, the author provided a guide equipped with steps on how to determine and identify personal assets that traders hold, appealing highly to those who can pay a lifetime of dividends. 

The author’s seasoned experience in the field of trading, hedge funds, and investment enabled him to deliver solutions in order for traders to easily attain their trading objectives. More so, the purpose of this book goes deeper into creating a well-equipped trading psychologist. 

The Daily Trading Coach covers one-hundred one discussions intensively focused on regular challenges that traders encounter, how to negate these persisting problems and ideal methods for approach implementation. The book also taps on topics including trading psychology, trading performance, and behavioral change to completely negate bad trading habits, all while employing healthy practices. 

It centers on the idea that one must not only become his or her trading coach but also to become a personal life coach. Its thought-provoking lessons on trading highlight that problems present in the market are as real as the problems that persist in careers and personal lives. The Daily Trading Coach is a go-to guide not only meant to help one in trading but to help in honing the potential that lies deep within a person. 


Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D., presently works as Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Professor at SUNY Upstate Medical University situated in New York. He became popular in the field of trading and publishing as he produces articles for the TraderFeed blog. In line with his work, he is a financial coach who accepts apprenticeship for hedge funds and investments.




CHAPTER 1- Change: The Process and the Practice

CHAPTER 2- Stress and Distress: Creative Coping for Traders

CHAPTER 3- Psychological Well-Being: Enhancing Trading Experience

CHAPTER 4- Steps toward Self-Improvement: The Coaching Process

CHAPTER 5- Breaking Old Patterns: Psychodynamic Frameworks for Self-Coaching

CHAPTER 6- Remapping the Mind: Cognitive Approaches to Self-Coaching

CHAPTER 7- Learning New Action Patterns: Behavioral Approaches to Self-Coaching

CHAPTER 8- Coaching Your Trading Business

CHAPTER 9- Lessons from Trading Professionals: Resources and Perspectives on Self- Coaching

CHAPTER 10- Looking for the Edge: Finding Historical Patterns in Markets


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