Equiti Forex Broker Review, ForexTrend

Equiti Forex Broker Review

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Equiti Group Ltd. is the mother company of many renowned forex and CFD brokerage firms found across the globe. They have nearly 300 staff globally with a customer service hotline that runs 24/6. Equiti Group has offices in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Equiti Forex Broker Review, ForexTrend

Equiti Security and Registration

Since Equiti Group has several companies or subsidiary brands, it holds many licenses, too. The Equiti Group Ltd in Jordan, which is a financial advisory and multi-asset broker, is authorized and regulated under the Jordan Securities Commission. The EGM Futures DMCC is regulated by the Security and Commodities Authority in the United Arab Emirates. Also, it is a member of Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange and licensed by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

Equiti Capital is under the rules and regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority. Under the Equiti Capital  umbrella are four subsidiary brands, too. These are Equiti United Kingdom, Equiti United States, Equiti Armenia, and Bloom Capital in New Zealand. 

Equiti Capital implements various measures to ensure superior security among all its subsidiaries. This broker offers a Client Fund Insurance, which protects each client’s capital for up to $1 million. This serves as an extra layer of insurance against market risks like liquidation. The advantage of this feature is that clients don’t pay a cent for the insurance. Equiti Capital pays and processes all of it.

Equiti Trading Platforms

Equiti has two main trading platforms: MT4 and WebTrader. While both are equally great for forex and CFDs trading, they also have differences. 


Equiti’s MT4 allows each investor to trade on various devices, including mobile phones. This means that traders no longer need to download MT4 as a third-party platform and connect their accounts, as it is already provided by the broker. With MT4, you have a wide range of products to choose from. You can utilize all the tools and indicators available in opening positions, identifying trends, executing trades, and more.


This platform gives you access to Equiti’s global markets as well as trade multiple assets. This platform can be personalized according to your liking and has a user-friendly interface that does not require to be downloaded. It also hosts advanced charting tools that include technical indicators and drawing tools. Plus, it allows traders to save their analyzed charts as images. This platform also imposes risk management through displaying margin requirements and trade values directly from the Trading panel. 

Equiti Forex Broker Review, ForexTrend

Equiti Research and Tools

On Equiti’s official website, there are only two tools listed. These are Trading Calculators and an Economic Calendar. On the aspect of research and education, Equiti offers daily news, a blog, and tutorials.

Trading Calculators

Equiti has a forex trading calculator that is used to solve potential profit/loss as well as risk profile. You can easily do this by choosing a currency pair and the currency of your funds, input the possible opening and closing prices, choose buy or sell, enter the lot size, and click calculate. 

A pip value calculator is also available, which helps you solve the value of a pip. This is very important in risk management since positions are measured in pips and this allows you to get a better perspective of your potential profits and losses.

To calculate the margin requirement for a position you want to open, you only need to choose the currency your funds are quoted, the currency pair you wish to trade, determine the lot size and the leverage, and then click calculate. The margin calculation helps you decide the best level or leverage and lot size for your trades. 

Economic Calendar

This tool filters all the important events that evolve around the financial markets. The events highlighted in the Economic Calendar include updates from global central banks, economic data, including retail sales, unemployment rate, and industrial output. This lets all traders keep track of the macroeconomic events that may affect their trades.

Market News

Daily market news is slightly different from the Economic Calendar in a way that it focuses on the considerably microeconomic events that are still relevant to trading. These smaller but still significant events include the daily opens and closes of the foreign exchange markets, the value of gold, the price of oil, and the changes in the stock markets. 


The Blog section of Equiti is a collection of articles on the many financial markets that Equiti traders participate in. This blog stays updated with the latest market trends and technologies from across the world. All of these articles are written by the Equiti Marketing Team, focusing on both economic and political aspects of the market. Some articles are about Treasury yields, business loans, while others are about Brexit and the U.S.-China conflict.

Equiti Final Review

Equiti Group Ltd has a fairly good reputation. It helps that this broker has many offices in different regions since it expands its client base and opportunities. It can provide services to a big client base and its regulatory status is not in question. It holds at least three regulatory papers from different authorities, including the Financial Conduct Authority, which is one of the most trusted regulatory bodies in the world. These make Equiti a recommendable broker to trade with.