Orbex Broker Review

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Orbex has a history of awards and achievements since its inception. It boasts of several characteristics that help enhance each trader’s experience. Some of these are: deep liquidity from top-tier banks, fast and reliable execution, high-class customer service, and a one-hour response time for sales and support requests.

Orbex has garnered eight awards including 2020’s Best Forex Broker in Europe and Best Forex Broker Mena. It has also been awarded the Best Forex Broker in 2019 and the Best Trading Education Provider in 2018.

Orbex Licenses and Overall Security

Orbex Limited is the brand name of Orbex Group Limited. It is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and is an affiliate of Orbex Global Limited, which is licensed under the regulations of Mauritius Financial Services Commission. This broker’s official website orbex.com is managed and owned by Orbex Group Limited in the Republic of Mauritius. Orbex does not offer its services to traders based within the following jurisdictions: United States of America, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, and Sudan.

As part of this broker’s commitment to bringing world-class services and top-class security to its clients, it has enrolled a few ancillary services. First of these measures is the safekeeping and management of financial assets for the clients’ accounts, including custodianship and other related services like cash/collateral management. The second measure is the granting of loans or credits to investors so they can transact in more than one financial instrument. The third measure is the forex services under the provision of investment services and lastly, investment research and financial analysis.

Orbex Trading Conditions

Orbex’s trading conditions are competitive and reflect the standards of the market. They offer multiple trading platforms and varied trading accounts that fit all types of traders. They also trade in many financial markets.


This is undoubtedly a classic in the foreign exchange markets. It offers some of the best trading tools and indicators, paired with fast execution and quick response time. You can also do ECN trading on MT4 platforms.

MT4 Multi Terminal

This platform allows you to access all of MT4’s features with the added benefit of trading in up to four terminals. With this, you can operate accounts separately and manage different trade sizes on these various live accounts all from one place. 

Account Types

Orbex offers four types of accounts: Fixed, Starter, Premium, and Ultimate. The Fixed Account has a minimum deposit of $500, uses fixed spreads, and does not charge commission. Like the rest of the accounts, the leverage is 1:500. The Starter Account requires a minimum deposit of $200 but uses variable spreads. Premium requires $5,000 deposit minimum and Ultimate $25,000.


Orbex prioritizes foreign exchange trading, but also supports cash indices and stock CFDs. It also offers commodities trading services in energies such as oil and precious metals such as spot gold. 

Orbex Tools and Research


Orbex’s educational tools include webinars, tutorials, and free forex video courses that are specifically made for beginning traders. The webinars are usually scheduled every month and tackle various topics like “how to trade like a banker” and trading the NFP Live. The tutorials and free forex video courses discuss different aspects of using the MT4 platform. It explains both basic and complex stuff such as understanding and using the terminal and the various indicators and scripts on the platform. The last addition to the educational materials is the free Forex eBooks, which were written by Orbex’s trading experts. One of the available eBooks are “Elliott Wave Technical Analysis eBook.” 


Some of the most important research materials in forex trading are technical and fundamental analysis and weekly FX reports. Luckily, all of these are offered by Orbex, including Orbex Web TV and the chance to get to know their research team. Technical and fundamental analysis are both essential in trading the financial markets, although investors make more use of the former. Both analyses are the bases for developing trading strategies and identifying signals. On the other hand, weekly FX reports are there to keep track of the assets’ price movements for the week, which are used to study the market’s opening for the week ahead.

Trading Tools

The four tools provided by Orbex are: an Economic Calendar, a Trading Calculator, a Traders’ Glossary, and Trading Tips. The first two are essential in live trading since the economic calendar is a big help in identifying an asset’s history of highs and lows, while the second is used to calculate the risk/reward profile of a trade. Trading tips are there to help traders make successful trades as they encounter difficult market scenarios. The Traders’ Glossary is helpful in familiarizing the trader with the wide set of jargons used in trading and daily market news. Knowing the different jargons and terminologies in trading are important before engaging in it. 

 Orbex: The Conclusion

Clearly, Orbex offers competitive features that are fit for both beginners and professionals. They have the right trading tools and research materials to make a novice trader comfortable, at the same time review expert traders of their knowledge. Their trading accounts are somewhat in the mid-range when it comes to affordability, but each account is well-thought out to cater to beginners and professionals alike. Their Starter account is definitely a good starting point for beginning traders with only $200 minimum deposit. Overall, this broker qualifies in the aspects of services and security, has a clean reputation, and a good track record in the market.