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Essentials of Healthcare Finance by WILLIAM O. CLEVERLEY and JAMES O. CLEVERLEY

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The Cleverly Brothers’ “Essentials of Healthcare Finance” provides an authoritative guide on how to manage finance – specifically in the field of the healthcare industry. The eighth edition of this book still holds relevant to this day and covers a wide range of subjects, including a brief introduction on ICD-10 coding and the effects of the ACA. “Essentials of Healthcare Finance” brings what it says on the title and is considered a great supplementary tool for students who have taken up medical training. 

About the Author

William O. Cleverley currently works as president for Cleverley and Associates as well as a professor in the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

James O. Cleverley is the Principal for Cleverley and Associates, Columbus, Ohio

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Financial Information and the Decision-Making Process 
  • Chapter 2 Billing and Coding for Health Services 
    • Appendix 2-A Sample UB-04 Form and Sample CMS-1500 Form 
  • Chapter 3 Financial Environment of Health Care Organizations 
    • Appendix 3-A List of MS-DRGs and Relative Weights for Fiscal Year 2010-2016 
  • Chapter 4 Legal and Regulatory Environment 
  • Chapter 5 Measuring Community Benefit 
    • Appendix 5-A Schedule H 
  • Chapter 6 Revenue Determination 
  • Chapter 7 Health Insurance and Managed Care 
  • Chapter 8 General Principles of Accounting 
  • Chapter 9 Financial Statements 
    • Appendix 9-A Case Example: Audited Financial Statement
  • Chapter 10 Accounting For Inflation 
  • Chapter 11 Analyzing Financial Statements 
  • Chapter 12 Financial Analysis of Alternative Health Care Firms 
  • Chapter 13 Strategic Financial Planning 
  • Chapter 14 Cost Concepts and Decision Making 
  • Chapter 15 Product Costing 
  • Chapter 16 The Management Control Process 
  • Chapter 17 Cost Variance Analysis 
  • Chapter 18 Financial Mathematics 
  • Chapter 19 Capital Project Analysis 
  • Chapter 20 Consolidations and Mergers 
  • Chapter 21 Capital Formation 
  • Chapter 22 Working Capital and Cash Management 
  • Chapter 23 Developing the Cash Budget