Faithful Finance: 10 Secrets to Move from Fearful Insecurity to Confident Control by EMILY G. STROUD, BOB GOFF

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About the book

It is a well-known fact that finances are one of the great causes of stress, and from individuals to couples to retirees struggle with it. Emily G. Stroud discusses how someone can manage finances in this book. 

This text discusses how to develop a savings plan according to the reader’s goals, create a budget that works, reduce the debt burden, save for your kids’ college, and insure your life. All of these topics are discussed by Stroud in a casual and conversational manner, engaging the reader with stories about practical choices and opportunities.


The book offers a practical and organized financial guide on choices that could sometimes be overwhelming. Since it is written in a conversational tone, it is easy and efficient to read. It cites many biblical references or Bible “secrets” that are related to finance. With that, it discusses financial practices that are biblically-accepted.

Stroud tells her readers that they can keep their faith and be financially comfortable at the same time. She educates readers that they shouldn’t make money their first priority, but not the last either. With her sound financial advice, this book is a must-read for everyone. 

About the Author

EMILY G. STROUD is the owner and manager of Stroud Financial Management, a boutique investment firm. She has nearly twenty years of experience as a Financial Advisor. She is an MBA and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and advises people on money and risk management, as well as retirement.

Table of Contents




  1. Let a Professional Worry about Your Money So You Don’t Have To
  2. Cash Is King (or Queen)
  3. God Is a Good Gift Giver
  4. Do Not Borrow from Peter to Pay Paul
  5. Pay Yourself First
  6. Is Your Life Insured?
  7. Nobody Got Rich Paying Too Much for a House
  8. When Can I Transition from Making Money to Spending It?
  9. My Kids Want to Go to College. Now What?
  10. Proper Estate Planning Is a Great Legacy



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