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This is a controversial book. It had split the opinion of the Christian community and had the secular community throwing their hands in the air. And why is that? Well, Author and Minister Shawn Bolz had claimed that he had been visited by an Angel called the Minister of Finance. True to his designation, the Angel had disclosed to Bolz, according to him, that God would be releasing finances and resources in the goal of “reshaping the body of Christ on earth.”

The book proposes a “godly counterculture” to the dominant world system. Bolz recognizes that the task would be daunting and outright dangerous due to the omnipresence of the Antichrist to the point that it already dominates the entirety of the world. However, the author perseveres that God shall overcome eventually through the body of Christ. The visitation of the angel announces the revelation that the Highest would be reclaiming the Earth and re-establish His Kingdom. However, before this happens, a “paradigm shift” must take place in the hearts of men.

Despite what you find over the worldwide web (specifically those dwelling on legitimacy and truthfulness), the readers of the book are all praises for Shawn Bolz. They have found that the Scriptures can back the author’s testimonies. Other readers claim that the book had encouraged them to establish a connection with God. Some would go as far as to say that Jesus had used the book to reveal their purpose on Earth.

There are also some opinions that Bolz is anointed by God. The readers are also in the opinion that he, with his background in business, has got all his business priorities straightened out, unlike the other businessmen out there.

About the Author

Shawn Bolz has been a Minister since 1993. He also functions as a board member and representative of a missions operations group that upholds Social Justice aptly named, The Justice Group. The organization has its headquarter in Los Angeles, California. Shaw and his wife founded the Bolz Ministries.

Table of Contents



  • Chapter One: Restoring Desolate Inheritances
  • Chapter Two: Discovering My Inheritances
  • Chapter Three: First Visitation
  • Chapter Four: The Open Heaven
  • Chapter Five: Second Visitation
  • Chapter Six: The Economy of Heaven
  • Chapter Seven: The Justice of Heaven
  • Chapter Eight: The Treasury of God
  • Chapter Nine: The Double-Portion Anointing
  • Chapter Ten: Extravagant Giving
  • Chapter Eleven: The Doorway of Favor

About the Author