Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard

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Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard is an expository narrative about how Mark Minervini managed to land triple-digit returns for five years, using only his own trading system. The guaranteed and viable system formulated by Minervini swiped in a total of 220% returns annually. Such a system, or commonly known as SEPA, made him an esteemed figure in the investment industry. This flexible methodology increases the chance of raking in profit through meticulous risk assessment, self-evaluation, and hard work. Rigorously presented are guides on how to properly place entry and exit points, capital management, and how to attain the three-digit dream return. 

Whether one is a novice stock trader or an advanced investor, Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard is here to provide an optimum and authoritative guide. Knowledge is guaranteed as the author comprehensively presents a series of lessons, trading myths, and techniques all from his three-decade worth of experience as America’s leading figure in the stock market. 

A step-by-step process is provided for the following topic:

  • Choosing the most viable stock before it grows in price
  • Avoiding loopholes and setbacks that most investors commonly encounter
  • Total loss and profit management
  • Avoiding risks and threats 
  • Identification of long and short points

Equipped with hundreds of charts and case studies, one will be provided with intensive knowledge, all while appreciating the effectiveness of Minervini’s strategy.  

About the Author

MARK MINERVINI is a focal figure in the field of stock trading and has been engaging in several Wall Street endeavors for over three decades. He established Minervini Private Access, a platform that allows members to visit and review SEPA stock trades. IN line with this, he also conducts a financial forum with a deep focus on his strategies. 

Table of Contents 


  • Chapter 1: An Introduction Worth Reading
  • Chapter 2: What You Need to Know First
  • Chapter 3: Specific Entry Point Analysis: The SEPA Strategy
  • Chapter 4: Value Comes at a Price
  • Chapter 5: Trading with the Trend 
  • Chapter 7: Fundamentals to Focus On
  • Chapter 8: Assessing Earnings Quality
  • Chapter 9: Follow the Leaders
  • Chapter 10: A Picture Is Worth A Million Dollars
  • Chapter 11: Don’t Just Buy What You Know
  • Chapter 12: Risk Management Part 1: The Nature of Risk
  • Chapter 13: Risk Management Part 2: How to Deal With and Control Risk