Laughing at Wall Street

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Skills outweigh experience, and this claim was heavily ratified by how much Chris Camilo made out of Wall Street.  His fortune rings one indication: that one does not need prior knowledge to ace investing, just adequate investment skills, and the ability to identify viable investments lying deep in little things. Using such, he risked $20,000 in the stock market, and within three years, it became a profit machine that clocked in a total of $2 million.

Laughing at Wall Street is a necessary guide that will help an individual see an ideal investment and how to begin investing properly. More so, it is complete with insights and real-life examples of how small investments rake in substantial gains. Included inside are stories of:

  • How networks of friends contributed to a successful children’s show titled Chuggington and how the stock value climbed up to 50%
  • How a teenager multiplied his money in seven days through Snapple stock investment
  • Secrets of a starter with $1000  capital that bloated up to $750,000 within five years by investing in Uggs, Religion jeans, and Crocs 
  • The crucial role played by Michelle Obama in boosting J. Crew’s stocks up to 186%

Hooking, straightforward, and simple, Chris Camillo’s unique strategy only proves that one does not necessarily have to be well-equipped with large finances or sophisticated market information. Only the taste and drive will make one successful in investment. 

About the Author 

Chris Camilo founded TickerTags firm, which predicted the results of British Exit back in 2016. Before the establishment of the said firm, he initially traded $20,000, which resulted in a $2,000,000 return in just three years. 

Table of Contents 

Title Page




  • Chapter 1- Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo
  • Chapter 2- IF It’s Broken, Fix It
  • Chapter 3- Nobody Knows Anything
  • Chapter 4- Other People’s Money
  • Chapter 5- See It, Believe It!
  • Chapter 6- Zero Financial Literacy Required 
  • Chapter 7- You Know Something They Don’t 
  • Chapter 8- You Have People, Too!
  • Chapter 9- Fake it Till You Make It!
  • Chapter 10- Life with Investor’s Glasses
  • Chapter 11- Success Stories
  • Appendix: An Invitation to Wall Street’s Underworld