Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions

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Make the Deal is an excellent approach to the world of mergers and acquisitions. Its primary function of guiding readers on how to land a powerful deal is enforced by the combination of business, law, and finance discussion. It was written in a flexible manner with the intention of giving an in-depth understanding of how negotiations work together with its possible outcomes that may impact the future economy. A general overview of the negotiation process and intricate lessons of various frameworks in relation to mergers, assets, and stocks and other complicated structures are what made this a readable book for individuals interested in pursuing this kind of venture. 

The overall structure of the book also allows readers to apply all presented information in best practice. This is mainly from how the author presented negotiation figures, statistics, real-life contracts, and accounts intending to give insights on how the whole process works. In line, it imparts knowledge on how to weigh and balance as both parties try to increase value, remove the possibility of risks, and determine problems that may persist in the future. 

Mergers and acquisition course does not take a single form. In fact, it is very fluid that its dynamic nature makes it hard for participants to fully grasp the concept. With this, being one step ahead of market movement is a necessary skill that must be learned. Learning this crucial skill will help traders land on the best deal through well-thought strategies. However, as the practice takes no solidity, a strategy may be proven ineffective the second time it is used. With Make the Deal, it discusses why strategies work instead of just providing strategies that have worked in the past. This helps readers to assess which technique is viable enough to strike a deal. 


Christopher S. Harrison authored the book Make the Deal that previously landed as #1 in M&A and Corporate Finance. He presently renders service in a company called The Falconwood Corporation as the Chief Investment Officer. Harrison is a globally-renowned negotiator and strategist with a history of championed deals.  Adding to this, he usually shows up as a regular speaker for web seminars and online forums about business and finance.