MBA ASAP 10 Minutes to: Understanding Corporate Finance by JOHN COUSINS

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Author John J. Cousin’s critically acclaimed “MBA ASAP, 10 Minutes to Understanding Corporate Finance” puts a fresh, new perspective on the corporate financing industry. “Understanding Corporate Finance” provides startup and business owners a framework that will surely help them keep a detailed track of cash flow and expenses. Furthermore, as part of a series of other books under the MBA ASAP series, Cousins’ book sheds light on the appropriate way a company should undertake projects and how to gage it. The book also goes as far as to explore what skills and mindset to employ when dealing with any aspects of a business pipeline.

“Understanding Corporate Finance” is a concise and detailed-oriented guide that well-deserves to be a must-have and a must-read.

About the Author

John J. Cousins is the author “MBA ASAP, The Way to Wealth, Marketing 2.0”, “Financial Literacy, Corporate Finance, Learn Accounting Fast!”, “Managing and Leading Organizations and People, Reading and Understanding Financial Statements,” “MBA ASAP,” and nine more books that have received the same amount of praise for its comprehensive and easy-to-read take on complex subject matters.

He is also the founder of, an “online business education community” chock full of business skills and knowledge on the web. 

He was previously a former CEO of Biomoda, a biotech company developing innovative cancer diagnostics. He was also the former CFO of several public companies for 15 years. On the side, he has been teaching business classes at a number of universities and colleges for the past decade.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  1. Ratio Analysis
  2. Time Value of Money
  3. Discount Cash Flows
  4. Net Present Value
  5. Internal Rate of Return
  • Conclusion