Mastering Private Equity Set by CLAUDIA ZEISBERGER

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Mastering Private Equity is written delicately to fit professional audiences, including finance students, money managers, investors, business owners, and observers of the industry who are into engaging to private equity firms or invest in private equity funds. Technical in nature, the book discloses the core concepts about equity and everything that comes with it, which includes venture capital, growth equity, and buyout transactions, among others.

This edition features a foreword by Henry Kravis, KKR’s Co-chairman, and Co-CEO as well as commentaries from senior PE professionals. It also showcases private equity investment, as seen in the featured case studies from INSEAD faculty. 

Get an in-depth understanding of private equity and make it a part of your working knowledge to be in action when the opportunity comes.

About the Author

Claudia Zeisberger is a professor at INSEAD and founder of the private equity center of the institution. She spent sixteen years in investment banking in New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Her passion for teaching propelled her to a multiple time nomination for the MBA Best Teaching Award and numerous accolades. 

Table of Contents

The book is intricately structured and contains the following contents:

Section I: Private Equity Overview

  1. Private Equity Essentials
  2. Venture Capital
  3. Growth Equity
  4. Buyouts
  5. Alternative Strategies

Section II: Doing Deals in PE

  1. Deal Sourcing & Due Diligence
  2. Target Valuation
  3. Deal Pricing Dynamics
  4. Deal Structuring
  5. Transaction Documentation

Section III: Managing PE Investments

  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Securing Management Teams
  3. Operational Value Creation
  4. Responsible Investment’

Section IV: Fund Management and the GP-LP Relationship

  1. Fund Formation
  2. Fundraising
  3. Portfolio Management
  4. Performance Reporting
  5. Winding Down a Fund

Section V: The Evolution of PE

  1. Direct Investment
  2. Listed Private Equity
  3. Risk Management
  4. Private Equity Secondaries
  5. Evolution of Private Equity