One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading (Wiley Trading Book 454) BY MIKE BELLAFIORE

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About the book

Bellafiore discusses the strategies and principles he used when he was conquering the most difficult markets in trading. He shares these techniques to the readers and talks about how these techniques were taught to a group of traders at the trading firm he co-founded. Bellafiore shares how his firm works on the inside and why traders fail or succeed in trading.

The book focuses on trading skills significant to the success of a trader, differentiates the actions of a trader that profits and a trader that continually loses, and, most importantly, shares real-life stories of investors who have become profitable in trading.


This book delves into the inner workings of Bellafiore’s proprietary trading firm; however, the book does not serve any purpose more than that. It mainly focuses on how the firm works with regards to trading, but the book will not so much tell its readers the necessary information they need to learn about individual trading. 

On the good side, the book will show the reader how prop firms operate, and Bellafiore does a good job of describing it in detail. However, this book is not recommendable for individual traders looking for a guide about day trading, swing trading, and so.

About the Author

MIKE BELLAFIORE is a co-founder of SMB Capital, which is a proprietary trading firm in New York City, as well as SMBU, the firm’s trader education company. He authored two finance books and co-authored a chapter in The StockTwits Edge. He is an international lecturer and a regular contributor to the SMBU blog. He is a member of the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees. 

Table of Contents



PART I Inside a Prop Trading Firm

CHAPTER 1 These Guys Are Good

CHAPTER 2 One Good Trade

CHAPTER 3 A Good Fit

PART II Tools of Success

CHAPTER 4 Pyramid of Success

CHAPTER 5 Why Traders Fall

CHAPTER 6 Live to Play Another Play

PART III Getting Technical

CHAPTER 7 Stocks In Play

CHAPTER 8 Reading the Tape

CHAPTER 9 Maximizing Your Profits with Scoring

PART IV The Trader’s Brain

CHAPTER 10 Trader Education

CHAPTER 11 The Best Teacher

CHAPTER 12 Adapt to the Markets

CHAPTER 13 The Successful Trader


About the Author