The Barefoot Investor – The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need BY SCOTT PAPE

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About the Book:

Published only in 2016, this book The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need is a fully reviewed and updated version for the financial year of 2019-2020. Among the tens of thousands of financial books published and available on the industry today, this book differs in a way that it gives the reader a step-by-step guide on finance. It is a concise formula that tells the reader what to do from beginning to end. It also gives directions on which financial areas to invest in. Overall, the book gives directions on creating a sound financial plan that can be managed with only a short period every week.

The book delves into different topics such as how to double your income, how to save for a six-figure house, how to pay your mortgage in seven years, and even how to find a financial advisor that will work in your best interests.

The book caters to all Australians with various stories of financial exploration. Individuals, families, and even retirees can pick something up from this book and use it to their knowledge. 


This book is technically only for Australians since the topics are localized in the country. With this book, Australians can solve many financial problems that they encounter in their daily lives. Problems such as a housing loan, a monthly balance on credit card, among others. This book is for those people who are struggling to handle their money properly. However, for people who already have their budget under control, know how much money must be delegated to the housing loan or for the credit card balance, then the book will only tell them what they already know. 

For those people who are struggling with how to pay their debt, this book will help them straighten up their financial habits and utilize their money most sensibly.

It also takes a delve into financial freedom, which is good for both struggling and financially comfortable people. This book will help them change to do good or even better.

About the Author:Scott Pape is an Australian author and radio commentator who has reached millions of Australians through his columns. He is known as the barefoot investor, which is also the name of a business show he hosts. Pape is also an independent investment advisor who has recovered from a bushfire that caused him and his family to lose everything. To recover from the tragedy, he utilized his skills in investing.