The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, & Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams by JEN SMITH

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About the book

Most people may not vibe well with “budgeting” or “money management,” especially when there’s so much to pay for and to spend your money with. In this book, author Jen Smith shares knowledge and experiences in applying a No-Spend mentality in your financial life.

This book is the ultimate challenge for a no-spend lifestyle to turn your financial habits around. This will teach you how to attain your personal financial goals quicker by sticking to your budget. 


This book is a helpful guide on how to create a well-planned and budgeted financial plan. In the No-Spend Challenge, it forces the readers to cut down on their expenses and write every financial problem that comes their way. Aside from that, the author also gives suggestions on how you can do the No-Spend Challenge your way. Smith usually suggests beginning in the day-to-day spending, then weeks, then months. The goals of this book include helping the reader become financially stable and pay their debts through the money they saved form their budget. Overall, the book is a recommendable read to anyone struggling with how to contain impulsive spending and needs to create solid and strict money management. 

About the Author

JEN SMITH is a personal finance expert and a Freelance Personal Finance Writer at Modern Frugality Media. She is the author of the blogsite Modern Frugality and the co-host of Frugal Friends Podcast. She has been featured in many major publications such as Time Magazine, Women’s Day, Reader’s Digest, and others.  

Table of Contents


1 Stop Spending to Start Living

2 Why Budgeting Alone Doesn’t Cut It

3 Preparing For a No-Spend Challenge

4 Tip and Strategies For Your No-Spend Challenge

5 Spending Less and Making More

6 Beyond the Challenge