The Research Driven Investor

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Review The Research Driven Investor: How to Use Information, Data and Analysis for Investment Success 



Author Timothy Hayes’ “The Research Driven Investor” acts as a strategy guide and walkthrough for investors and analysts on how to use their acquired data and information in order to properly use it to its most profitable extent, from the construction of unblurred buy and sell signals to gaining consistent profits. Timothy Hayes’ book brings detailed examples to the table backed by almost a hundred years’ worth of market information and research acquired from Ned Davis Research and assigning them to a suitable investment strategy that caters to an investment system. Timothy Hayes’ goes a long way with providing guidance to its readers and is one to benefit its readers with the ability for long-term profits.   

About the Author

Timothy Hayes is the global equity strategist for Ned Davis Research, where he writes the weekly Stock Selection Focus, International Focus, and other market advisory publications. A chartered market technician (CMT), Hayes has written for the Market Technicians Association Journal and other financial periodicals. His commentary often appears in the financial media, including regular appearances on CNBC and CNN’s Moneyline and quotations in The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, and others. He is a previous winner of the Charles H. Dow Award, sponsored by Dow Jones Telerate, the Market Technicians Association, and Barron’s for groundbreaking research in technical analysis.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Part One – The Optimal Strategy for Stock Market Profits
      • Chapter 1: Thinking Big – The Top-Down Approach
      • Chapter 2: Gathering the Information and Getting Started
    • Part Two – Developing a View of Where the Market is Heading
      • Chapter 3: How Stock Market Indicators Can Help You
      • Chapter 4: Developing Indicators
      • Chapter 5: Third-Sensitive Indicators
      • Chapter 6: Valuation and Long-Term Sentiment
      • Chapter 7: Shorter-Term Sentiment
      • Chapter 8: Monetary and Economic Indicators
    • Part Three – What to Do with Your Market View
      • Chapter 9: Maximizing Your Returns through Effective Asset Allocation
      • Chapter 10: Screening to Enhance Your Buy and Sell Decisions
      • Chapter 11: Current Applications, Long-Term Implications
  • Index