Unholy Grails – A New Road to Wealth

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As a seasoned investor who began his career in 1985, Nick Radge compiles techniques and 750 hours of work to create a book that differentiates the winning steps from the losing ones in investing. Radge’s general advice is not to follow the herd. Here, he focuses on momentum investing—buying or selling stocks when it’s the right time. Unholy Grails details the best practical strategies for long-term gains but requiring minimal effort. 

Radge tells his readers how to step out of the crowd and create his approach to trading. This book is for traders looking to profit for retirement or personal wealth. Radge does this by examining various investment strategies one at a time.

Nick Radge discusses investment strategies in a clear and detailed manner. He also shares his personal philosophy and principles when it comes to investing and provides sufficient mathematical proof to accompany his claims. A lot of information is added to the book regarding the process of building a personal trading strategy/system. Radge also gives enough information and resources to allow the reader to create his own investing system.

With a focus on momentum investing, Radge also shares to his readers how they can profit through using this strategy. Overall, the book is recommended for traders looking for a guide that will help them create a personal strategy and profit out of it. Radge shows that his expertise in trading and investment, as well as his principles, such as breaking from the herd, results in success.

About the Author

NICK RADGE is a trader, author, and mentor who dedicated his work on testing trading strategies 2 hours a day for 18 months. Overall, Radge’s work spans for 750 hours. He is the Director of The Chartist, a stock market advisory service headquartered in Queensland, Australia. He has authored many books on finance and is a renowned figure in the industry.

Table of Contents

The book presents the following key points:

• The philosophy behind momentum investing

• How to create a positive expectancy from your strategy

• Eight fully disclosed and robustly tested investment plans

• Proof of concept from 6 years of indicative real-time performance results

• Interviews with investors who use momentum strategies with success

• Essential investment tips and tricks